About us

About us

Interior Design Studio VIP-Elena Krylova – an alliance of creativity, excellence and good taste.

We create luxury, respectable VIP interiors for over 10 years. Our overall experience in the field of interior design is more than 80 years. This allows us to create a VIP-interiors that meet the most demanding customer.

When working on a project of premium level, it is important to create a space that meets the wishes and needs of the individual. The space, which corresponds to his character, his personality, his inner qualities, his habits and lifestyle.

Nowadays luxury interior – it’s interior, which is not measured by the amount of gold in it, and the convenience and comfort; an interior that is created by a particular person, his tastes and attitudes of its domestic needs and its way of life.

For us it is important to understand the individuality of each of its Customer and make space to the man was as comfortable in it. Create a world for man in which he comes, he enjoys, he is proud of where he finds his inner self expression

We love creativity, art and exclusivity …

A lot of time we spend studying the latest trends in the design world. We romp around the world to find something new and unusual. To do this, we regularly visit the leading international exhibition in the field of interior design in Europe and America, we leave the factories of the leading European manufacturers for the latest collections and the quality of products before they are submitted to a mass audience.

With our opinion is the leading European manufacturers factories. And we, in turn, are confident that we can offer our customers the best quality of our materials, furniture and equipment. In order to keep abreast of the latest news in the field of HomeDesign, we regularly monitor the presentation of new products and the latest collections.

For us it is important to the development and relevance, we interact with such stars of the world of design and architecture, Ron AYROD, Karim Rashid, Ben Simm, Janelle venturi.

We are interested in art, creativity as a process and philosophy. We are friends and cooperate with well-known gallery owners, artists, photographers, sculptures, people of art and creativity. We like to work with them in tandem and create an exclusive interior design, using their creativity in decorating our projects.

It is well known that the creation of your own space – a complex process that requires professional knowledge in many fields, the ability to organize a clear, well thought out approach to the selection of contractors, subcontractors, etc. For us, this path has long been a well-trodden road, and we are striding it with you in order to make it as light as possible.

We appreciate your time and save it. We are ready to take control of all the processes from the signing of the contract until delivery of the project in operation: design, approval documents, selection of contractors, tendering, management schedule.

Our Team

Elena Krylova

Art Director, Studio Founder

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