Our Team

Our Team

Make the world better with our design projects!
The company works in the interior design market since 2006. Member of Association of Interior Designers and Decorators of Russia. .

Design studio’s work include such project as Mriya Resort & SPA, Dvin Paramount Hotels & Resorts and a number of projects in a new town Dobrograd, interior of Sberbank and the Association of Russian banks, as well as collaboration with Group of restaurants by Aleksandr Rappoport and PAO AFK Sistema.

Today the Design studio by Elena Krylova is a team of more than 30 professionals, every one of whom, within their specialisation, generates ideas and creates concepts, designs future projects, provides technical assistance and supplies and equips the venue with whatever necessary in alignment with the main design idea.

The company is deservedly proud of its realised projects. High, up-to-date expertise allows the team to keep projects on track and without mistakes even remotely thanks to the very close work with allied industries.

According to the company founder Elena Krylova, her team shares the same values. They are ambitious and inspired by large scale projects, all members take professional growth and training as a given. Designers pay a very close attention to aesthetics of each project – hotel, restaurant or any other public space.

Design studio’s team members are client-oriented and always in touch with the clients to provide them with the ultimate experience. Every client’s time is of value to the team and they strive to fulfil the project within the agreed time-frame, and more, often optimising the time expenditure.

‘My team is a family. We have healthy, friendly relationship which is of utmost importance for me as the company manager,’ – says Elena Krylova.

This qualities synergies make it possible to work on the projects using the creator owned design technique SMART LUX which consists of the following:

– Three Es: top priority of every design project is correspondence of the general concept and business objectives of the client from the point of view of economy, aesthetics and efficiency. Long term and short term trends in design are constantly analysed. The projects are economically efficient due to the implementation of additional marketing markers in the interior which allows to optimise the expenses on attracting attention to the site.

– The project’s face. Experience and the desire to keep the standards high leads to the designers’ avoidance in use of one-size-fits-all solutions. Every project considers social needs of the people for whom the space is designed, namely comfort, convenience and the desire to return. The interiors, created by the studio encourage every visitor to develop their creative potential.

– The designers transform the space using the following technologies: sliding elements of interior and furniture, dynamic event-elements, lightning design, automation. Quick transformation of the space allows the site to provide uninterrupted operation 27/7 to fulfil a wide range of business tasks.

– The studio has developed a method of outfitting the project and implementing instruments of artificial intelligence, robotisation, tailor-made adaptation to the client’s objectives, the system “smart house”, “smart office” and “smart hotel”, automation of control of utilities and services, using the latest finishing materials as well as integrating cutting-edge show systems.

– To expand the range of service, even at the stage of project design, our designers provide the opportunity to combine or unite in one space several areas to place additional points of sales and, thus, enhance the profitability of the site.

Besides, the members of the studio support sustainable initiatives in design, so very project will be outfitted only with the natural quality material, energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies. The main focus in outfitting is work with local suppliers and producers, thus reducing the transportation costs and supporting the development of local factories.

Each and every one interior from Elena Krylova is unique, universal and speaks for itself. These are the projects that make our world better.

Elena Krylova

Art Director, Studio Founder

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