Design and engineering

  • HORECA sector: hotels, restaurants
  • Commercial real-estate: offices, representatives’ offices and VIP lounges for clients, executive offices, commercial and business centres
  • Luxury residential real estate: apartments, penthouses, cottages, villas, residences, townhouses, aircraft and yacht interior
  • Outfitting
  • Production of textile decor

Design and support at all stages of project implementation

  • Design
  • Development
  • Consulting

Stages of design and engineering

Any design starts with the client brief

We fill in the form to better understand your concept, your objectives, your goals. Our form is very detailed and includes a lot of questions that aim to help us create the best design project for you taking into account all the particulars and objectives of your project.

The second stage is the concept-design

Having created several versions of realistic visualisation of your future interior we submit them for concurrence and after including corrections (if there are any) we agree on the final version based on which we start stage three.

Stage three – engineering documentation

All documents are written up in compliance with appropriate Civil Design Code and standards, based on 3D visualisation and form where we have all the particular aspects of your project. This stage is very important. We design very detailed drawings with all the units and attachments. We are very attentive to minor details which allows us to implement big projects even remotely.

Having done these three stages we move on to the fourth one – outfitting

This involves selecting materials, lamps, lights, furniture and all components necessary for the implementation of the future project.

We also offer designer supervision

Our designer-architect comes to the site to supervise and control that all the works are in accordance with our design.

The sixth stage is the decorating

The decorating of the site with the art-objects that act as the eye-catching elements of your interior. We work with the leading art experts and art-dealers and we will be happy to assist you with this.

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