The small-arms complex Target Point


On target! 

May 2022 saw the inauguration of the largest in Europe indoor small-arms complex Target Point on the premises of the boutique-hotel Usadba Ohotnika in Moscow region. The design studio by Elena Krylova had worked on both the design of the project’s fronts’ concept and its interior. 

“We practically fell in love with the project from the day we first saw it: location, idea, format – all of that allowed us to create a truly unique space both from the point of view of technical fit-out and design”, – admits Elena.

The studio had not only designed the project, but followed up with designer supervision, and integrated the architectural and interior solutions into the uniform style of the hotel complex. 

The design of the small-arms complex is the contemporary eco-style, so-called japandi, a loose entwinement of Scandinavian style with traits of Japanese interior. Noble shades of natural hues prevail in the interior, wood in a variety of textures and shades is widely used.

A very bright example is the mural in the reception area. It is made in the marguetry technique from the rich woods combined with the stone veneer: the element is uniquely designed by Elena Krylova’s team. 

The interior has a number of nods in the direction of hunting, for instance, the shop window of the hunting accessories shop is designed in the shape of a gun.

The theme is further seen in the designer elements from Any Home (floor lamps and a pouffe with the duck feet). Furniture from the brand Eichholtz enhances the status of the venue as the “quiet luxury”. And the light fittings are made by SWG.  

As for the technical fit-out, Target point is quite literally a unique building. The area of over 4000 sq.m. hosts three indoor shooting rooms with shooting ranges of 20, 35 and 100 metres. The width of the larges room is 30 metres, which makes it unique not only for Russia, but also for the world shooting community.

All the shooting rooms are equipped with unique automated target range system by Tirstroy company, and includes moving, lifting and swinging as well as bobbing targets, thanks to which you can shoot in a variety of target scenarios in a complete circle. 

Special desks and bulletproof booths are exclusively designed for Target Point for each of the shooters’ stations. The design of the specialised items and finishing in the shooting rooms is in alignment with the overall idea of the venue in general.

Besides, the small-arms complex is equipped with the specially appointed car Toyota Land Cruiser 200, which allows to work on self-defence skills. 

The small-arms complex boasts the largest in the world panoramic interactive shooting range. The screen area for the shooting video scenarios comprises 207 sq.m. The scenarios developed for the shooters and hunters let them enhance their skills of using mock and combat weapons.

One of the most important elements of Target Point is the state-of-the-art ventilation system, so the guests feel comfortable even in an extremely intensive shooting situation.

The complex also has a workout facility and lounge area. 

As a result, such unique project as small-arms complex has fused unique contemporary design and high functionality thanks to the smart design. The result is both stylish and rugged!

The small-arms complex Target Point has already welcomed the first guests who have appreciated the scale, comfort and uniqueness of this site!

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